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The Genesis Factor Syllabus Cover Excerpt

…is a course intended to help transform a person’s spiritual perception and empower them to live in and understand the spiritual world based on the priesthood of Jesus Christ, “the Order of Melchizedek”. The class is designed to speak to new believers as well as seasoned ministers. Understanding why and how God created Man is essential to the key questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?  These classes are not a discussion on why or how God created the planet in seven days, but something further reaching. It educates us on those essential questions, as well as our connection to divine purpose, eternal existence and prophetic reality.


This is a 2:16 minute overview of the key aspect of the Genesis Factor classes.

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The Preliminary Class is a 50 minute class for those about to attend The Genesis Factor and excellent if you are interested in principles of Biblical interpretation.

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